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Patent & Advanced Implantology Februrary 22
CIPC 2023 - Surgery
CIPC France 2023 - Surgery

Flonheim is a place worth visiting. Not only because of its picturesque vineyards, but also because of continuing education courses that inspire. The Future Dental Academy offers courses where you can not only learn, but also relax.

Live surgeries allow you to be close and learn from CEO Dr. Armin Nedjat (developer of MIMI®). The courses take place both on weekends and as part of a curriculum. Whether you decide to take individual courses or the one-year curriculum, here you are always in good hands and can gain valuable experience of the MIMI® method, make new contacts and exchange ideas with other professionals. So it's definitely worth a visit!

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In our modern training center we offer space for up to 60 participants. Our air-conditioned rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and offer a breathtaking view of the hills and vineyards of Rheinhessen. Here you can expand your know-how in a pleasant atmosphere!

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You learn and insert MIMI® to perfection! From late implantation, immediate implantation, sinus lift to prosthesis - At the Future Dental Academy you can be there live. MIMI®: The Minimal Invasive Methodology of Implantation, a procedure developed by Dr. Nedjat himself 30 years ago, won the "Oscar" of medicine as "Best Innovation in Medicine" in 2013 and was nominated for the German Medical Award in 2017...

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