MIMI®, Immediate Implants, Prosthetics


Dr. Armin Nedjat, Gerhard Quasigroch & Rainer Zoppke

6th/7th September

Future Center, Flonheim


1250 €*
Course Fee (* Price plus VAT)


Learn about MIMI® in this training - minimally invasive medical implantology. A proven implantation method developed by our speaker Dr. Nedjat himself over thirty years ago and has already received multiple awards. The practical workshops and live surgeries are performed with premium implants from Champions-Implants and are professionally accompanied by our team. MIMI® offers you time and financial benefits, a simplified workflow, and simultaneously increased patient satisfaction.

Learn about the following topics in this training:

  • Immediate implants
  • MIMI II - Horizontal distraction with simultaneous implantation
  • Smart Grinder (autologous bone graft material from the patient's own teeth)
  • MIMI IV – the internal direct sinus lift (IDS) according to Dr. Nedjat
  • Late implants
  • Prosthetics
  • Workshops with titanium implants and ceramic implants
  • Live surgeries

This training enables you to immediately integrate modern implantology 2.0 into your practice instead of referring your implant patients to maxillofacial surgeons or oral surgeons.


  • Start: 9:00 AM
  • Joint lunch buffet
  • Conclusion: approx. 18:00 PM
  • Champions BBQ on Friday evening
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